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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

1/35 Takom Panther Ausf.A Mid-Early update 14/08/2018

No pictures, but I'm still working on the Panther, as I'm installing the torsion bars. Pictures will follow.  

1/35 off-side compartment complete 14/08/2018

What follows is today's progress on the '432. The secondary battery has been detailed and installed on to the battery base. The seats have been also been fitted. 

Now to do the hull sides, which includes the NBC system.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

1/35 FV432 off-side passenger compartment work 14/08/2018

And so work begins on the off-side passenger compartment. I've added the base for the second set of batteries and lower wall plus box.

1/35 FV432 build driver's side build complete 14/08/2018

As well as working on the Panther, I've now completed the driver's side on the FV432. Now I have to do the off-side of the APC.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

1/35 Takom Panther Ausf.A Mid-Early fitting out the hull 12/08/2018

A small update for today. I've started fitting out the hull, and I've begun by fitting the Radio Operator's floor and seat. The hull ammunition brackets, and the hydraulic oil reservoir. Now I have to fit the ammunition bin which sits behind the driver, and of course put the ammunition in said bin.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

1/35 Takom Panther Ausf. A Mid-Early an update Pt.2 11/08/2018

Well the lower hull has been painted (but I missed a bit). The unpainted plastic is the support for the transmission.

Now let's talk ammunition stowage boxes. Takom's are ok (but not prototypical to actual Panthers) whereas the Rye Field ones are. 

And finally........................the Maybach motor. The Takom one is the unpainted one. You can see why I favour the painted Rye Field motor. 

1/35 Takom Panther Ausf.A Mid-Early an update Pt.1 11/08/2018

So earlier today I started work on the lower hull by installing the hull stiffener's and a  small pedal for the driver. I've also assembled most of the Maybach motor.