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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

1/48 Spitfire build 14/09/2016 (2)

Not much done this afternoon, as I wasn't really in the mood. I just added the scissor links to the Spitfire chassis.

1/48 Spitfire build 14/09/2016

I've made great progress with the Spitfire just lately. She will soon be ready for paint.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

1/35 half-track build 10/09/2016 figure progress

These are the figures which will accompany the half-track when finished. I've used the 1970's Tamiya figures as a basis, and just embellished them with parts from the spares box.

Friday, 9 September 2016

1/35th SdKfz.251/1 build supplemental 09/09/2016

Over the past few days I haven't done a lot to the vehicle itself as I've been playing about with some old figures I had in my spares box, and I have been adding their equipment to them. I'll get some pictures over the weekend, and show you! 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

1/35 SdKfz.251 build 06/09/2016

A bit more done on the half-track. I've added the decals for the dashboard.

I also added the infantryman seats in the rear compartment, these are again from the spares box, and again are an improvement over the kit supplied parts. 

I also added the rifles to their respective racks. And detailed the crew areas with stowed MP40's and spare magazines.

The engine is in place too, I still had to add the radiator and fans.

I also added an exhaust from the spares box, and looks a lot better than the one supplied with the kit. 

So that's it for now. There will be more progress soon. 

Saturday, 3 September 2016


The SdKfz.251 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug) was built by Hanomag, and was an armoured personnel carrier based on their earlier SdKfz 11 half-track. The SdKfz 251 was to transport Panzergrenadiers of the mechanized units into battle. The SdKfz.251 was the most widely produced German half-track of the war, with at least 15,252 vehicles and variants of being built. They were commonly known as "Hanomags" by both German and Allied troops alike.
There were four series vehicles of the standard '251, which ran from Ausf (Ausfuhrung) A to D, and which formed the basis of 22 variants.
The initial idea of the SdKfz.251 was to transport a squad of 10 infantrymen protected in an armoured vehicle. The vehicle itself was armed with two MG.34's or MG42's (depending on time frame and variant) to support the disembarked infantrymen in combat conditions. The armour plate was designed to stop rifle and light machine bullets, by using armour thinkness and also by sloping the armour. The flat front-facing vertical plates were 14.5mm thickness, and the sloping side armour was only 8mm thickness to save weight. These plates were only able to stop anything up to non-tungsten rifle AP (Armour Piercing) rounds, which could penetrate over 8mm thick armour plate.
The vehicles were open topped, which allowed the infantrymen quick egress of the vehicle, and which also allowed them to throw grenades from inside the vehicle. But the downside was that the enemy could concentrate plunging fire as it was known from mortars and field artillery, but also troops in higher elevated areas could concentrate small-arms fire, grenades and lob Molotov Cocktails into the vehicle.
The SdKfz.251/1 was the first variant of the type. This variant had standard steel plates of 5mm thickness due to initial slow 251 production progress.
The Ausf.B entered service in 1940, and was similar to the Ausf.A, except for the relocated radio antenna, and the removal of the rear vision slits to ease production. By the end of 1940, only 337 vehicles would be delivered.

1/35th SdKfz.251/1 Ausf.C

Now one of my favourite vehicles is the SdKfz.251 and its variants. This was going to be a straight from the box build, but being me, I can't leave well enough alone. Anyway before I bore you all I'll start of with posting images of the box and contents.

These are the references I'm using from my own library, and they are indispensable.

And the work done so far on the '251. Work as usual started with the lower hull and swing arms for the running gear. The kit also includes an engine, which is a nice touch. 

With the engine drying I started on the interior of the vehicle. Adding the seat supports for the driver and radio operator. 

Now we come to the firewall/dashboard, and this is a saw point as I feel Zvesda could have done it better. But with a little help from my spares box I think it looks better. The kits interpretation of the driver's gasmask case is woeful, no detail and just blah! This is the kit item. And on the right, is an item from my spares box. Much better yes?  

I also added a new dashboard, which I found in the spares box, as the kit one is non-existent. 

The next thing I did was detail up the half-tracks sidewalls. By adding a map case to the drivers position, and a gasmask case to the radio operator's position and spare MP40 magazines for both areas, again from my spares box. 

And the rest of the work on the half-track.

Looking a lot better, and a lot closer to what I want, with help from the spares box.