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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Revell 1/72 Avro Shackleton AEW.2 WL747 "Florence"

History of WL747

Originally built as an MR.2 and first flown on February 5th, 1953 she was first delivered to 23MU to be prepared for issue to 269 Sqdn from 269 Sqdn was allocated to 204 Sqdn and from 204 Sqdn she was sent to 42 Sqdn. And then went to Avro for modification to Phase I standard and then allocated to 210 Sqdn, and then went back to Avro for modification to Phase II standard and then was allocated to 37 Sqdn. In 1961 she was sent to Hawker Siddeley Aviation for modification to Phase III conversion, and after completion of the conversion work she was allocated to 210 Sqdn and was sent to Ballykelly as part of the Ballykelly Wing. While as Ballykelly she suffered CAT.3 damage which was repaired and was transferred to 204 Sqdn in 1970. Also in 1970 WL747 went to 5MU for a major overhaul before ferrying to Hawker Siddeley Aviation at Bitteswell for conversion to AEW.2 standard. WL747 first flew as an AEW.2 on January 11, 1972 (and was the first production conversion). In 1972, WL747 returned to 5MU for repainting and was delivered to Lossiemouth for radar installation. WL747 was ferried to Kinloss in 1972 for 8 Sqdn and received the name "Florence" after the Children's TV program "The Magic Roundabout". In August, 1973, "Florence" was transferred to Lossiemouth with 8 Sqdn. In 1978, WL747 went back to Hawker Siddeley Aviation for a major refurbishment and returned to 8 Sqdn in November, 1979. 

The images below are of WL747 when she was the display aircraft. Photos were taken by my late Dad.

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