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I'm 50. And after losing Mom am now unemployed (for the moment) I am also disabled, and suffer from Avoidant Personality Disorder. I also like Photography, Museums and Art Galleries. Military vehicles have always been of an interest to me, and I only got into aviation after my Father passed away fifteen years ago.


Thursday, 24 May 2018

A couple of modelling question's I've been asked. And my response.

The first question was, why do I build models? Well for me its a therapy (a medicine if you like). It helps me concentrate and forget real life. It also stops me ripping people's heads off when they've upset me. And the second question was, why do I build, what I build? Well from the age of 14 I've had an interest in military vehicles, particularly Tanks, and those of the German army in WW2. For me I'm interested in the technical side of the armour, the armour itself and the armament. And just recently I've enjoyed researching the different colour schemes they wore. Another family of vehicles I'm interested in are the SdKfz.251 series of APC half tracks fielded by Germany in WW2. My final interest is anything used by Canada, as I have Canadian heritage.

So that's why I build models, and build what I build. 

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