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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

1/72 Boeing B-17G comparison builds 06/03/2019 introduction and findings so far.

I've always been interested in the Allied bombing offensive over Europe during WW2. And I've always had a thing for the B-17, and especially the G variant, which was the most produced variant of the type with 8,680 being produced. 4,035 were produced by Boeing themselves, 2,395 by Douglas and 2,250 by Lockheed-Vega.

These build comparison's will be a build off between the Revell kit which represents an early "G" without the staggered waist gun positions and Cheyenne tail and a Lockheed-Vega built airframe. The Airfix kit represents a late "G" with staggered waist gun positions and the Cheyenne tail.

The interior colours are correct from my own research I've carried out. 

And both kits at the same stage (Revell on the left, and the Airfix kit on the Right). The floor is also correct as it was wood with non slip matting in dark grey.  

So far the new Airfix kit is leading in terms of detail (when I can get another) it will be superdetailed with lots of aftermarket items. But this is an oob build 1. to see how it builds and 2. to compare it with the Revell kit. Also comparing the cockpits on both kits, the Airfix is more prototypical as compared to the Revell kit. But both have great detail. 

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