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Monday, 20 April 2020

Second completion of the year 20/04/2020

As the title suggests this is the second completion of the year. The kit is an Academy 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib. The model depicts a Typhoon of 175 Sqn RAF in Holland in 1944. MN582 was lost on September 26 1944 while conducting an armed reconnaissance operation. The Typhoon was flown by Flight Sergeant W.R.S. Hurrell and was shot down by an Fw190 of III/Jg4.

Friday, 31 January 2020

First of the year 31/01/2020

My first model completion of the year. It's Tamiya's 1/35 M4A3 75mm (w). The model represents a Tank belonging to the 6th Armored Division during the Ardennes Offensive in January, 1945. The 6th Armored aka "Super Sixth" landed on Utah Beach on July 19, 1944.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Kit Review: Revell 03873 1/72 Avro Shackleton MR. Mk.3


Hello everyone a new review for you now featuring Revell's new Avro Shackleton MR. Mk.3. Unlike the earlier versions of the Shackleton the Type 696 MR. Mk.I and MR.2 respectively, the MR.3 was a completely new design, so much so that it was given a new Type number 716. It featured a nose wheel gear, twin main wheels, wingtip tanks for added endurance with 256 gallons each, and sound proofing for the crew and more comfortable seating, and the tactical area was also re-designed to add to the crew comfort for long patrols. Also the view from the cockpit was also improved by having less frames and deepened windows.
Also the wings were re-designed with larger ailerons, which now had spring-loaded trim tabs. The internal fuel capacity was also increased with five self-sealing flexible tanks in each wing. Also fuel jettison was also increased and new de-icing equipment was also installed.
On the Phase III version of the MR.3 the fuel capacity was increased to 4316 gallons and on those fitted with Viper engines, the outer engine nacelles were modified aft of the firewall.
The MR.3 entered service with the RAF on August 30, 1957, and was retired in March, 1970.

Now onto the kit.

It comes in one of Revell's typical end-opening boxes. With light grey plastic sprues, a clear sprue, decals and instruction booklet.

New nose with new engine nacelles for Viper engined version, as well as weapons bay, new ailerons and wingtip tanks. 

weapons bay

weapons bay bulkheads front and rear

Nose wheel gear bay

weapons bay actuators and cabling

Flaps and nose gear leg 

Flaps outer surfaces

Flaps inner surfaces

one of the nose fronts if you wish to fit the 20mm cannon

fuselage and horizontal and vertical tails surfaces

some internal detail of rear fuselage

More inner flap detail 

Upper wing surfaces, centre of fuselage with spars and other interior of fuselage items.

Privacy curtain and flight deck

Instrument panel and rear observers station

Underwing surfaces and engine nacelles with flaps 

More flap detail

engine naceslles, doors, wheels and gear bay firewalls forward and rear

props,engine cowlings, doors, seats and radiators
radiator detail

inner of gear bay doors
firewall detail
decal options are for an MR.3 Phase II WR975 of 206 Sqdn, based at RAF Kinloss in 1965. And an MR.3 Phase III XF703 of 42 Sqdn based at RAF St. Mawgan in 1970 (none of which I'll be finishing the model as)
Clear sprue which I'll leave in the bag.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

1/35 M1A1 Abrams "Combat Cadillac" first completion of the year

As per the title this is my first completion of the year. Its Meng Models M1A1 AIM. My model is based on 6 different Tanks I had pictures of so put them into one model (my model my rules). In the main it depicts a Tank belonging to the USMC complete with wading stacks. The .50 on the main gun barrel is an Army fixture, but I decided I like the look, so decided to fit it on my model. Also the ring gunsight on the Commander's .50 machine gun is not installed on the guns in real life, but I added one because it looks cool. The markings are for USMC tanks from different time frames, but again its my model so I can do what I like with it. I really enjoyed building this kit, and will be buying other variants of the "Combat Cadillac" as its my favourite modern Tank. So what's next?

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

1/72 Boeing B-17G comparison builds 13/03/2019

Both B-17's are now at the same stage with the flight deck, bomb bay and radio room complete on both kits. So far the Airfix kits wins on the accuracy front. Both kits have their good and bad points. The Airfix plastic is soft, whereas the plastic of the Revell kit is hard. I'm now at the stage where I have to add the ammunition boxes for the waist gunners on both kits. And finish the nose area on the Airfix kit.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

1/72 Boeing B-17G comparison builds 06/03/2019 introduction and findings so far.

I've always been interested in the Allied bombing offensive over Europe during WW2. And I've always had a thing for the B-17, and especially the G variant, which was the most produced variant of the type with 8,680 being produced. 4,035 were produced by Boeing themselves, 2,395 by Douglas and 2,250 by Lockheed-Vega.

These build comparison's will be a build off between the Revell kit which represents an early "G" without the staggered waist gun positions and Cheyenne tail and a Lockheed-Vega built airframe. The Airfix kit represents a late "G" with staggered waist gun positions and the Cheyenne tail.

The interior colours are correct from my own research I've carried out. 

And both kits at the same stage (Revell on the left, and the Airfix kit on the Right). The floor is also correct as it was wood with non slip matting in dark grey.  

So far the new Airfix kit is leading in terms of detail (when I can get another) it will be superdetailed with lots of aftermarket items. But this is an oob build 1. to see how it builds and 2. to compare it with the Revell kit. Also comparing the cockpits on both kits, the Airfix is more prototypical as compared to the Revell kit. But both have great detail. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Meng 1/35 Bergepanther Ausf.A winch assembly complete 23/01/2019

As you can tell from the title, the winch is now complete and ready for paint.

The winch is a model with in itself and is quite chunky as you can see. 

And a mock-up of how it will look in place once I've finished the interior and painted the winch.